Squeek in passenger window

I have a 2005 Mitsubishi Spyder GT Convertible that will have a ‘squeek’ in the passenger window housing. I have checked the rubber housing for the window and there are no breaks and/or tears. I purchased the car new in 2005 and I only drive on weekends. The car is garaged in a safe and dry place. So, the issue comes up on certain days and does not seem to be specific to driving conditions or weather. Is there a lubricant or sealant that may need to be applied?

Get silicone spray with a straw,roll down window and spray window tracks then roll windows up and down 2 times.
If this does not work door panel will have to come off.
I have found doing the spray 1 time a month helps.

OK. Can you recommend a brand or is it a generic decision?