Squeaky electric windows


I recently moved to San Jose with my 2003 Mini Cooper. I’ve noticed my electric windows have started to squeak like crazy when they go up or down. It’s a lot drier here than in Philadelphia. If anyone has any tips about reducing the squeal I’d appreciate it. For example, is there any way of lubing the window panes?


I’ve heard Armor All, but I tried it just now and that doesn’t seem to work.


I recall using silicone spray on a Nissan with the same problem. I sprayed it into the door cavities, and then cleaned the excess off of the glass, as it does tend to smear a lot. And, be aware that it has to be redone periodically.


I should have added that I sprayed it into the door cavities while the windows were in the down position. Just push the rubber moulding out of the way, and spray into the door cavities.


I have no idea if it will work, but you may want to try the rain-X stuff that’s meant to be applied to windshields to disperse rainwater. It may create a clear film that will provide some lubrication for the rubber while withstanding the wiping action.


You can wax the windows whenever you want and especially after a wash or rain. I use the spray wax and it works better than glass cleaner and it’s quicker.


Turtle wax spray wax, not Pledge.


Hee hee! Pledging your windows!! :smiley: