Squealing sound from under hood

I have a 2006 Toyota Corolla. I think it has a timing chain, not a belt. But every time I turn on the engine and as I’m driving along, I hear a loud squealing sound from the engine compartment. Anyone know what is going on? Thanks

Have you’ve tried replacing the serpentine drive belt?



PS it has 150,000K on it

Something the SERP belt spins is making noise. Tensioner pulley. Idler pulley. Alternator. And so on


No I haven’t. Next time I go for maintenance I can ask about that. Thank you

If the squealing is constant you should take it in now before some thing breaks an leaves you stranded may be in a bad area,

Tensioner pulley. Idler pulley. Alternator. And so on


I’m going to call the repair shop right now and make an appointment to have it fixed this weekend.

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Good idea an hopefuly it will be something easy to fix.

I hope so too

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Made an appointment for October 9. It’s earliest one my trusted mechanic has available. It’s been squealing for months, but I’ve been just turning the radio up loud.

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Yep a loud radio will do it I have used that cure a time or two. :laughing:

My next question is, how long would it take to change a serpentine belt if that is indeed the issue? If I bring it in on Saturday at 10:30 am should it be done by the end of the day at 5 pm.? The shop is open on Sunday too. As long as my car is ready by Monday because I need it to drive to work 40 miles each way.

How many hours would it take to change a serpentine belt

I am not a mechanic just a DIYer but I don’t think the belt is your only problem

It is probably as Cavell said some thing else but it should take less than a day if the shop can get the parts on he weekend.

Let us know what the outcome is.

It’s more a question of how many cars are in front of yours. It doesn’t take that long to change a belt. It’ll take a little longer if they need to change pulleys or the tensioner. But yeah, assuming they can get whatever part(s) they need, it’s not unlikely it’d be done in a day.

The shop may also have a loaner car available, if it takes longer.

What else might be the other problems?

I will. Hopefully it’s not too expensive and doesn’t take too long

Any thing the belt drives.

Sometimes it is possible to narrow down the location a sound is coming from by using a short length of old garden hose as a sort of stethoscope.