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Squealing sound as I start the car

Hi all, I have a Chevy impala ls 2011 and when I started it, I heard a high pitched kinda screaming it subsided once I drove around a bit but still there… I’m thinking the fuel injectors need cleaned so is it ok to put transmission oil in the gas to clean the injectors ?? Could I be low on transmission oil?

The oil is at 58% so it’s good there. But the squealing is so annoying!! Please help

My prime suspect is the serpentine belt.


As to your question about adding transmission fluid to your gas, no.


I would have to concur with my man @circuitsmith … Its either a stretched out serpentine belt… or its spring loaded tensioner. Serp belts seem to last so long these days that I actually replace the Belt along with the tensioner and idler all at the same time. None of those parts really got a break during the life of the old belt…and shouldn’t be asked to last the life of a new belt either. They usually dont go that distance.

So I just used possibly the maximum number of characters to simply agree with Mr Smith about the belt. I tend to be a bit verbose its a character flaw…sorry.

+1 for the belt or tensioner or idler pulley (high efficiency agreement there. Fewer characters = fewer flaws?)

But could potentially also be:

  • the A/C compressor clutch
  • or water pump.

In that order of likelihood. Belt, pulley, A/C, WP.

Don’t use AT fluid in the gas, use a fuel system cleaner. I use Techron.

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I agree with the serpentine belt being the prime suspect. However, years ago my A/C compressor seized and caused the same squeal. So anything driven by the serpentine belt should be suspect as well.