Oil treatment for squeaking noises

I drive a 2002 Ford Ranger. Sometimes, shortly after starting up, a repeating squeak sound can be heard coming from the engine. It’s not usually loud enough to be heard in the cab and the sound fades as the truck is warmed up. I am pretty good at changing the oil at the regular intervals, but this squeak has persisted.

I took my truck to my mechanic to take a look at. After checking over several components, he told me when I get my next oil change to substitute a quart of oil for a quart of Rislone.

Now, I’ve heard a lot from people here that oil treatments are a waste of money, which makes me skeptical. At the same time, this mechanic has always been trustworthy and honest with me. Does anyone know if Rislone can fix a squeaky engine?

Has your mechanic rulled out the serpetine belt, tensioner or any other rotating part?

My Ranger has a squeak too, but there is not an oil change in the world that will stop it. It happens to be the A/C compressor clutch that squeaks on start up.

I don’t like to counter you mechanic, but I can’t think of anything that will cause a squeak as you explained and that the oil change will stop it.

I do know that the accesory belt tensioner, alternator will do this when a bearings are going bad.

He did say he checked the belts and tensioner (and fans, I think). I want to say that he thought the problem had something to do with the piston, but I can’t say that for certain.

Temporarily remove the drive belt(s) and start the cold engine. Does that eliminate the noise? If so, locate the offending part…

Anything that squeaks from a lack of lubrication will continue to squeak after you use an oil treatment. Anything that is squeaking isn’t properly lubricated, and adding an oil treatment isn’t going to change that.

If an internal component on your engine is squeaking, using an oil additive is sort of like using a Band-Aid on arterial bleeding and expecting it to help. I hope for your sake that the noise is from the belt tensioner or from bad bearings in the alternator.