Squealing in front of transmission

So I have squealing in the front of the transmission under hard acceleration. It also happens when I rev the engine while in Park. Could it be in the transmission or would just replacing the torque converter work? This is an 01 buick century with 150k miles.

How do you know it is the transmission that is squealing? Transmissions generally don’t squeal - especially while they are in Park.

My money is on a serpentine belt or it’s tensioner. Stick your head under the hood, have a friend rev the engine (or rev it by hand of you’re able), and listen carefully to the source.

I also suspect a squeaking drive belt.

This type of squeal is almost always the belt. However, a dragging alternator, power steering pump or A/C compressor could cause the belt to slip.

So, I would repace the belt and/or tensioner, but check the above sccessories to make sure they turn freely.

It’s not the belt. Trust me, I spent hours with the belt. I replaced the belt and tensioner, water pump and pulley and air compressor and checked alignment and used a bar of soap and water and nothing quieted it. I took it to the shop and the mechanic originally diagnosed Air Compressor but after replacing that with no fix, two of them worked on it and drove it and determined it was coming from the bell housing.

Sounds crazy, but remove the engine oil cap and see if the noise goes away.

Smart idea, I researched what you were getting at. I took the cap off and it makes no difference whether it is on or off. The squeal is not at that part of the engine. Seems to be losing power under acceleration as well when I drove it today.