Squealing noise about one minute after I turn on the blower

I have a 2000Nissan Frontier good truck but recently when I turn on the blower for any reason heat or just air NOT air conditioning after about a minute or 2 I start getting a squealing noise then I turn off the blower and the noise stops what it it and is it expensive to fix

It’s the bearings on the blower motor shaft. I’ve fixed many of them by removing the motor from the blower box and lubricating the shaft bearings with ATF.
This seems to fix them for quite some time, however in some cases the noise comes back in a year.

The modern way of fixing it,of course, is to simply replace the blower motor. Some say if you go to the trouble of removing the motor from the box, you should just put in a new motor, but those people don’t like to fix broken things. Just R&R.


Can you SEE the blower motor? It may be under the hood, on the passenger side firewall…

Yep, it might be under the hood on a Nissan, or it may be visible under the passenger side dash. Either way it’s not too bad to get to.

I’d sure try the ATF lubrication first though. I get a quart of cheap automatic transmission fluid and pour ut into and old style hand pump oiler like this:

ATF is a great lubricant in a lot of places because it seeps into tight places.