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Squeaky blower motor

I have a squeaky blower motor in 96 laredo. Not bad…just enough to be annoying.
What are the chances I can take it out and grease it rather than replace it?


Is it the cage or the bearing making noise. At any rate if it is the bearing that is dry, it would be a sealed and rivited in place. If you’re going to the work to take it out might as well just replace it. Same amount of work. I have drilled out the rivets on a GM and greased the bearings, then pop riveted it back again but thats a little work and not a long term fix.

I agree with Bing. If you are going to go to the trouble to remove it…replace it. They are not that expensive.

Gotta take the dang dash apart. What happen to the old days, when the fan was right there…you could see it without dismantling the dash

Those days are gone forever badbearing…gone forever.

I had the same issue with a 89 Mercedes. I’d spray it with a lubricant and it would quiet down for a couple weeks before making noise again. I finally bought one from ebay or and replaced it, didn’t have to take apart too much.