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Buick Century 98 replace blower motor?

Last summer. my fan started squealing off and on while using the ac, mostly off.

Now since October I can not turn on the fan past the first setting as it squealing all of the time. I checked the belts so I think it is the blower motor. Can I repair this myself and how? Thanks

“I think it is the blower motor”

That’s never actually a good foot to start off on. People who guess about parts often end up spending a lot more than if they had just taken it somewhere to begin with.

But…this one isn’t rocket science. So first find out for sure whether it is the blower fan or not. Put your passenger’s seat all the way back. Grab a flashlight, flip upside down and cram your head up under the glove box. Turn the fan on and make sure that’s what the sound is. Now just have a look - you’ll see what to do. Its probably one electrical plug and 3 small hex-head screws. You can also get a $20 repair manual at an auto parts store that would tell you how to do many things on your own.

Replacing the blower motor is a straight foreward repair.

Under the passenger side dash unplug the blower motor connector. Remove the three screws that hold the blower motor to the housing and lower the blower motor/fan. Remove the lock ring that holds the fan to the blower motor shaft. While holding under the fan have someone take a hammer and punch and knock the shaft of the blower motor out of the fan. Install the fan onto the new blower motor shaft, install the lock ring, install the blower motor/fan back into the housing, and plug in the connector.


Thank you for your replies. I will do this on Thursday with the help of my backyard mechanic. Due to the economy I can’t afford a mechanic. I know about Chilton.
I am so thankful for all of you on Car Talk. For now I am “relying on the kindness of strangers”. Please accept my humble thank you. I appreciate your help with my auto dilemma.

If you have intermittent squealing, try a little WD40 on the bearing before replacing the whole assembly. Worked for me and it only took 5 minutes start to finish!

You’re replying to a 6 year old post!

The OP probably doesn’t even own the vehicle anymore!



True, it’s an old post, but other visitors like me read old posts because we have the same problem today–a little like listening to re-runs on NPR.