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Squealing Brakes!

I have a 2010 Ford Ranger 4X4 that I bought new back in March. About 2 weeks after I bought it, the brakes began squealing every time I used them. I took it back to the dealer who cleaned the rotors up and said it was due to lot rot. The brakes were fine for about two weeks and then it started again. I took it back to the dealer again and this time they replaced the pads and also cut the rotors to “clean them up”. Once again the brakes were fine for about 2-3 weeks and now they are squealing again every time I apply them. It’s driving me insane on a brand new vehicle. What can I do?? The dealer said that ALL brakes squeal now because of the metallic compounds in them. I’m not buying that reasoning. HELP!!!

Insist on a test drive of another brand new Ranger 4X4, and see if the brakes squeal.

I’ll bet they don’t.

I drive a 2007 Ranger, and the brakes have never squealed. They’ve done other crazy things, but they’ve never made any noise. Ford hasn’t made any significant changes in the Ranger in many years. They’re all the same.

Keep going back to the dealer until they fix it.

“Metallic” brake compounds have been around for a long time. That’s not the problem.

All brakes DO NOT squeal.

You drive in traffic. Do all of the vehicles around you exhibit brake squeal?

No, of course they don’t.

And neither should yours.

Take the vehicle back and have them install new brake pads and rotors. And then have them take the vehicle out for drive and properly embed the brake pads into the rotors. This will probably get rid of the brake noise.


Thanks! I actually have a friend that also purchased a 2010 Ranger, but 2WD, and his brakes are fine and NEVER squeal. I’m quickly running out of patience with this dealer. I will try and give them one more shot at redemption before I start attempting to contact Ford directly to try and resolve the issue.

Thanks! I will be calling the dealer first thing tomorrow morning!