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06G6V6 brake noise

I replace the rotors and pads on all 4 wheels. The driver side front started squeeling after 1000 miles. I figured I had either a bad rotor or pad so I went back to the parts store. First they sold me some orange crap that I put on the backside of the pads. That didn’t work so they sold me some Permatex brake and caliper lube. That worked for about 10 miles. Then they gave me replacemt pads and rotor. That lasted about 100 miles and the squeel is back. If I push hard on the pedal there is no noise. If I apply light pressure to the pedal it squeels. I have shot brake cleaner into the caliper aroud the pads and it helps but obviously the more I use the brakes the noise quickly reurns. What am I missing?

Thank you.

What kind of pads are they? Metallic pads can squeal.

Did you go through the process of seating the pads to the rotors immediately after installation? It is a good idea to work new pads and rotors through a series stops, from slow and light to fast and hard, a series of maybe 8-10 stops, then drive normally. Also on installation be sure that you properly installed all the new hardware and lubed at all necessary points.


Yes, I seated the pads. I did not lube any of the parts on the initial installation. I believe verything was installed correctly. I have been doing my own brakes for over 30 years. I have never had an issue.