Squealing Brakes!

On three separate occasions when I have been backing up slowly and applying light pressure to my brakes, I’ve heard a very, very high squealing noise coming from my brakes. I’m wondering what might be causing that noise?

I have a new 2009 AWD Ford Escape with less than 2,000 miles on it. I’ve had the vehicle back at the Dealer so that they could take a look at it, but they’ve found nothing wrong with my brakes.

I have noticed that I have heard the squealing sound only when it has/had been raining out. The one common denominator I am aware of is rain and/or moisture. Has anybody else here experienced or heard about this kind of noise problem coming from the brakes before? Thanks!

By the way, I only hear the noise in reverse.

Sounds like the common overnight rust build up that is worn off after one or two applications.

I have an '04 Toyota Matrix (new brakes) that does the same thing. One application and that’s it.

What roadrunner said - The squeal itself if usually just caused by vibration, not by anything dangerous (not so with all squeals, though). If it is really chronic & annoying you might be able to get Ford to do something with it - some well placed grease or shims can sometimes help this.