M3 Mazda squeaks when braking

Does any one else have this issue? The squeal is loud almost every time I brake early in the a.m. usually.
I’ve taken it in to the Dealership - but by the time I got there at 9-10 am - the sound stopped.
They did not have any explanation or answer to stop this.

It sounds like the brakes are getting wet from early morning condensation (dew). As you use the brakes the heat will burn off the moisture. It’s fairly common in some areas. When I lived in Seattle…I got used to it fairly quickly.

If you’ve got plenty of meat left, slap some brake paste on the back of the pads.

Yep, sounds like moisture from weather and temperature changes. Pretty common. If you have plenty of pad left and you don’t notice any physical damage to the rotors (scoring/gouging), I wouldn’t worry about it.

@Vhyle why ignore the noise? I’ve put brake paste on plenty of brake pads. The brakes are quiet, the fix was cheap and the customers are happy!

you could try leaving the car at the shop overnight, so they can hear the noise first thing in the am…at least then they could focus on the right end of the car…