Squealing Brakes are Fine



My brakes on my lovely recalled Chevy Cobalt squeal. Multiple shops have told me nothing is wrong. One even suggested that I was imagining the noise. Now, either I (and my husband) are both hallucinating or these brakes squeal. Am I imagining things?


" Multiple shops have told me nothing is wrong."

Wrong!! Brakes will still function even when they are in the full self-destruct mode. Pull the wheels and INSPECT the brakes or have it done…

Be warned, most shops will take this opportunity to sell you a brake job, so have your BS antenna turned on…


The brakes may be physically fine and still squeal, but a good shop should be able to stop the noise. Or there may be a problem causing the noise. Has anyone actually removed the wheels and checked the brakes, or are they just telling you the noise is normal?

I doubt you’re imagining it.


when were they replaced last, what kind of parts were used?