Squealing belt?

My 2005 KIA Sedona, as front ended and was repaired. Several months afterwards the belt was squealing. I took it to the dealer and the belt tensioner was replaced,this took care of the noise for about 6 months and the noise (squeal) reappeared. The dealer said, they could not find anything wrong with the belt tensioner and it could be the belt but we wouldn’t know until the belt was changed. It was alaso stated that even if the belt was changed the squeal may not go away.This is not a pricey repair but I can get the belt and have it installed for about half the price, is it worth it or should I look for another cause?

I have successfully used a spray to quiet a noisy belt. Forgot the name, but any auto store will have it. It’s a cheap try, and may work for you.

I live in teh southwest the sn here and heat get really strange and the serpentine belt is the first to go . make sure it’s not been hanging around the shop for a long time … ask them at the dealer or autoshop for the age of the belt. and yes they may go kind of fast if the belt is too tight. make sure you have the right PLAY in the belt. I also suggest getting the service manual. it has saved me a lot of headacks

Since the belt(s) are 5 years old I would go ahead and change them. I replace mine every 3 or 4 years on the average. I prefer the Goodyear Poly-V serpentine belts, they seem to be the quiestest.

Ed B.