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Kia Sedona Belt issue

I have 2005 Kia Sedona, a year or so ago the belt started to squeal, I took it to the dealer and they decided it was the belt tensioner which they ordered and installed.In the past 6 months the sueal ha returned and the dealer “thinks” it could be the belt. I am wondering if the belt should have been replaced at the time the tensioner was replaced (my thinking is a faulty tensioner would wear on the belt).

Belts get a glaze on them due to heat when they slip. The loose idler undoubtedly caused some slipping. A simple test to see if it IS the belt itself is to spray a fine mist of liquid onto the grooved side of the belt. I usually use household cleaner of some sort because it’s handy, and already in a sprayer. If you spray it on with the engine turned off, it will distribute around the whole belt as soon as you start it up, and you will be safe. If it quits squealing, it’s the belt. If not, look at the idler again. It’s a VERY temporary fix. The squeal will start again as soon as the liquid spins off.

If I replaced a tensioner because the belt was squealing I’d replace the belt, too. They don’t cost that much, and why mess around with a belt that’s already squealing?

You don’t need a dealer for this. Anyone can install a new belt.

Thanks I will give it a try.