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Squeal Sound

I replaced my front brakes about a month or so ago and recently took a trip to a windy beach. When I returned there was sand all over my 2005 Nissan Frontier. I washed the underside of my truck with a hose including the inside of the wheels. After doing so I noticed a loud squeal when I first begin to go forward and it goes away as I get faster but comes back when I slow down to a stop. Once stopped no noise is heard. The noise is sounds like it is coming from the front of the truck. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Sand dune running can force sand into all sorts of places. If you have a carrier bearing, you may want to consider searching there.

You may also want to put the vehicle securely on stands and spin the wheels by hand to see if you can activate the sound. He could have bent a brake wear sensor or a dust shield.

I jacked the vehicle up and spun the wheels. I can still hear the sound. I took it to a local shop for an inspection. They stated that it needed new rotors. Could it be a stuck caliber???


Years ago when I heated with wood a developer developing a 500 acre lot by my house allowed me to take wood from there. The roads were all sand, much of it soft, all construction roads. I drove my truck on those a few days a week (on weekends) for a few months. Froze a caliper. I have no doubt that sand dust got into the slides. That’s life.