Nissan Altima 1997 Rythmic Squeal

I have a rhythmic squeal coming from the front wheels of the car. It is intermittent and speeds up and slows down with the car’s speed, stopping as I brake. It is more frequent when I’ve been driving for a while. This is a long-term problem.

My mechanic has checked the brakes, and the pads are fine. He suggested “dust” in the brakes. It’s become a running joke - “there’s that dust again”. I suggested a problem with sticking brake calipers, and he laughed it off.

It doesn’t seem to affect my driving in any way, and I haven’t noticed the breaks wearing out particularly quickly. But it is embarrassing to have such a loud sound coming from the car, and I am always concerned that it may signal a real problem.

this sounds a lot like the pads and or the discs are lightly glazed. jack it up, remove the front wheels. spin each wheel and brush the rotor surface with emry cloth to break the glaze. It may or may not help, but it is worth a try.

Rust on the rotors is another excuse, I think it may be defect in material in the pad, 2 years later still have that annoying squeak, but with 60% life left on my pads I have given up trying to find an answer. Brake guys who I trust say everything is fine, will see them again shortly, If they still say rust on the rotors I will let you know. Mine is not loud but there.

Seems to me something has to be touching the disks to make a noise.
I would drive it for a mile when it is squealing and stop at a safe place and carefully feel rims to see if one is hotter than the other. If that does not show anything have them bleed both front wheels and tell them to look to see if both are the same,maybe one is clogged a bit and holding pad from releasing.
Maybe worth a try.
Remember the disk and rim is the only thing turning to make a squeal.