Squeal noise when starting Hyundai Accent 2002


I have a 2002 Hyundai Accent with 116K miles on it. Recently it started to make a squealing noise when I start the car. The sound stays there for about 15-30 seconds and then goes away. Also, while the car is running and I start the AC for the first time the same noise sounds for another 15-30 seconds. I took the car to a local Midas store and they told me to replace two things. Alternator Serpentine Belt - $100 and Power Steering Pump V-Belt - $125.
Does the price and parts sound reasonable? I am really novice about car mechanism.

Thanks for any help

Sounds pretty high to me. I’m not sure what engine you have, but the NAPA website, looks like the belts are less than $50 fgor the two. So that’s a lot of labor for 30 minutes of work.


Changing the belts is right. The price, sounds a tad high.

What should be a reasonable price for changing both the belts?

$100- $125 parts and labor.


Awesome. Thanks for for the quick info.

I’d look for an independent little shop somewhere. Anyone with a little knowledge of cars can do this job pretty quickly with your basic tools. Ask around with family and friends for recommendations.

Asking around you might also find a friend or family member that knows enough to help you out with the work for much less. You can always opt for a more professional place when it’s things that are safety issues and more complex work.
I’ve always done my own car work and it grew to working also on family and friends cars…then others heard about me and now I do at least 15 hours a week on other cars than my own.

These chain shops are known for upselling extra repairs when you go in for an oil change or tire rotation. Then they try to sell you more work. Not that your car doesn’t need the belts at this time. They are also known for training some kid to change oil and he knows little about the rest of the car except that the wheels are supposed to roll.


Wow…good to know about that. I will look for a local garage I suppose.