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2004 Hyundai Accent Squealing After Getting Belts Changed

I own a 2004 Hyundai Accent. I got the belts changed and an oil change done. Two days after the work was done, my car started squealing horribly when I first start the car and when I first start driving. It quits after a few seconds. Also, it sometimes squeals while accelerating after turning a corner. It does it less often after the engine has warmed up completely. My suspicion is a belt got put on too tightly. Not sure what else it could be. I’ve been told that putting a little generic soap on the inside of the belts will help lube them up. Any advice would be helpful and appreciated.

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Take it back to the mechanic and have them check it.

Why did you get the belts changed?

Hopefully this was not a chain lube place?

I got the belts changed because the old belts were worn out. They were replaced by a pretty reputable mechanic in town.

That should have been the first thing to do.

the belt is slipping. Take it back to the mechanic and find out why. The tensioner could be worn out, or the tension of the new belt could have overstressed an already wearing out bearing somewhere along the line.

The belt is probably too loose.

Although this procedure should be followed for any cars without an automatic tensioner, the instructions I’m looking at for a 2004 Hyundai Accent 1.5L SOHC engine, when installing a new belt, call for:

_1 Install the belt._
_2 Properly tension the new belt (deflection or tension gauge method)._
_3 Run engine 5 minutes._
_4 Readjust the (now used) belt._

Did the mechanic break-in the new belt and then readjust it?

Belts do break-in. They soften up, wear to fit pulleys, stretch a bit, etcetera. It’s normal.


I have no idea if they broke-in the new belt. They didn’t say anything to me about it.

As others (@BillRussell, @VOLVO_V70, @eddo) have suggested, have your mechanic take a look. It should take only a minute or two to adjust the belt if it needs readjustment. You possibly won’t need an appointment.

I’d call first and just describe the sound and conditions that cause it as you did in your original post. The mechanic will know what to check.

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…I’ve had the same exact issue w/my car!!!

more complicated than it should be. I thought Koreans were less anal than Japan? Or is it China? Maybe they source their motors from India.