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Squeaky belt?

I have a 2000 Toyota Echo with 140,000 miles. Recently, when I accelerate, there’s a squeaking/chirping/squealing noise that gets louder until I hit 30mph, then it goes away. My non-mechanic friends tell me it?s a belt.

Before I take it in, can anyone give me more details and specifics about belts? What types of belts do this?.fan belts, serpentine belts, drive belts? A timing belt? Or a timing chain? And would anyone have a rough estimate?

I hate taking it in without having any background knowledge. And I don?t have a regular, trustworthy mechanic yet. Thank you so much!

If the belt has never been replaced, then it is about time. It is probably one of the serpentine belt. You can check it my accelerating the engine until it will make the noise and then pour some water on it. If the sound goes away, the belt is the problem.

Sounds like a belt squeal to me.

Your car doesn’t have a timing belt, so don’t worry about that. It does, however have two accessory drive belts, according to Gates, the belt experts.

In the old days we referred to these belts as “fan belts,” but that’s no longer true. These days they are “accessory drive belts,” or “serpentine belts,” depending on whom you ask.

You need to replace both belts. This will not cost very much money, or at least it shouldn’t.

The fact that you don’t have a regular mechanic is worrisome. You should find an independent mechanic you can trust and stick with him/her. Talk to friends, relatives, coworkers, etc, for recommendations.

You need new belts, but it’s not a big deal and it should not cost too much money. Have them replaced before they break.

Two belts and labor,going to be $100.00

Thank you so much. I just moved, and am still searching for a mechanic I can stick with. So far, it’s just been the Jiffy Lube.

Again, thanks for your help.

Just to double check it could be a belt tensioner, might as well find a good mechanic and only replace parts as necessary. Belts show their wear by cracks on the belt or glazed surfaces being most common defects.

After you get your car back from Jiffy (maybe not just Jiffy) look it over,check fluid levels yourself,open the master cylinder resivoir look and see if it appears they put the wrong fluid in,crawl under and check the torque on the drain plug,generally inspect your car for yourself,yes you paid for someone to do this but a re-check is required.

UPDATE: I took my car in yesterday. It was the serpentine belt and the power steering belt, both of which were cracked and dry and had to be replaced. It took three hours and ended up being $175.00. Reasonable? Thank you all for your help!

Well the belts should cost no more than $50 and I would have put them on myself. However, my Dodge V8 squeels and chirps when I first start it but settles down (not completely) when it warms up. I have replaced the idler pully, the belt tensioner pulley, the A/C clutch but it still happenes. Oh, and I have put belt dressing on the belt. I am afraid it is the alternator.

Initally I say 3 hrs for 2 belts is excessive,if someone has access to a labor guide we will know more,are you planing on making this garage your regular one? if so keep a eye on them.