Toyota Camry 2000 v6 - Squealing Noise

about 77,000 miles

My car makes “squealing noise”, I hear it when driving at lower speed , usually when the engine is cold, like first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon leaving work after the car is been parked for several hours. The noise comes and goes, not very consistent, does not happen all the time.

The brakes are in good condition, front was replaced earlier this year, rear has another 10,000 miles to go, per my mechanic. It stops well.

the mechanic thinks its the struts; I think it almost sounds like one of the belt (fan belt)?

Any ideas? Thank you

Have any tensioner/idler pulleys inspected for the serpentine belt for a worn bearing.


sorry, I do not know what that means, have no knowledge of car repair. Does this require an immediatley fix / diagnosis? Wendy


Anytime a vehicle starts making an unusual noise it means it should be inspected to determine what’s causing the noise. Since you feel the noise is from the engine drive belt area, those components should be inspected first.

Take the car to an independant garage and ask that they check the serpentine belt and all the pulley’s that are involved.