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2005 Mazda 6 Wagon squeal on right turns only

re: 2005 Mazda 6 wagon (AT); 110K mi

Of late, I have noticed a hi-pitched squeal, but only on sharp right turns!

I only just noticed it recently, the one time I had the radio off and windows down. Normally, the sound is too faint to hear.
I did a few turns, both left and right, and it definitely only occurs on right turns – eg when turning the corner.
Since I only just noticed it, I have not yet brought it to my mechanic.

Also, I would note that the sound does not occur if I turn the wheel when stopped (eg at a light). It’s definitely a car-in-motion symptom.

Any suggestions on possible areas to check?

Thanks, and Happy New year all

– Soptt

On most cars there is a dust shield for the brake rotor - thin metal that can get bent or distorted a bit and rub on the brake rotor. I’d imagine it could make a sound that would end up being described as a “squeal.”

How old is your accessory drive belt? I tend to doubt that’s it since it should make noise whether the car is moving or not. But it is a common cause of squealing on turns.

Have your tires inspected for wear.


My first though was the power steering pump or belt, but since it doesn’t occur when stopped, unlikely to be that. So it must be coming from the wheel area. Some kind of interference problem. Is there anything loose (plastic fender shields, engine protection shield, etc) w/missing fasteners in those areas? If not, maybe a shop could put in on the lift start it up and turn the steering wheel right and left see if it happens then. They might can spot the problem, or at least narrow it down.