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Squeaky SHocks Only in Cold Weather

After an $800 job (Summer '08) to replace Front Suspension Strut, Rear Shock Absorber then $600 for Front Control Arm Bushings, Lower Ball Joints, Alignment, our van has a horrible squeak from the front and rear suspension in cold weather (below 45 deg F). We live in Florida so it doesn’t happen very often, but it’s been very bad this winter. Also the Van feel like a freight car (more than normal)

The mechanic who did the work said this is normal for cold weather, but the problem never occurred in previous winters before the parts were replaced. Sometimes we hear a loud metallic clunk from the front right when we hit a pot hole. Mechanic can’t explain that either. Sears wanted $600 to replace just the front suspension.

Does anyone have any idea what we’re possibly dealing with? We appreciate any help.

A squeak in cold weather often points to aged and dried sway bar bushings. Oftentimes, lubricating them with a silicone based grease will cure this.

This is not a major job at all IF that’s the problem; and it’s also a common problem on many makes of cars. It’s not dangerous, just more irritating than anything else.

Thanks for your suggestion. It sounds promising and easy to do. The previous mechanic wanted to replace the sway bar bushing, so you’re probably on to something.

Thank you!