Squeaky/moaning clutch in cold weather

Dear Readers:

I have an '03 Chevy Cavalier 2DR 5spd, with about 68k on the ODO. On really cold mornings, from inside the vehicle, my clutch squeaks/moans. The moaning disappears as the car is driven. The sound is quite loud, and somewhat annoying. I have asked other people who own 5 spds…they report no squesking. Am I about to lose my clutch??? Is there another problem looming?? Just the cold weather is my quess. Answers are appreciated(especially if you own a '03 cavalier 5 spd)



Look for pedal bushings to lube first.

I agree. It is likely the pivot point at the top of the peddle arm.

Make that three votes for the clutch pedal pivot bushing. Lubricate it and see if the noise goes away.


Thanks for your help. I will give it a try.


Thanks for your help.

Does is make any noise with clutch pedal down? If not,it has nothing to do with a clutch, I had same problem with my car at some point of time. The bearings in transmission are worn, did you ever change tranny fluid? As much as I recall chevy uses something special for transmission with very low viscosity. If you would change a fluid and add something to increase viscosity a notch, problem shout dissapear. Nothing to worry about really.

You conclude the cause is worn bearings in the transmission and you also conclude this is nothing to worry about?

It is basically a loud squeaking inside the vehicle. It happens on very cold mornings. It does this until the car comes to operating temp. Sounds as though I am killing a chicken w/my bare hands. As for changing fluids, my owmers manual says that no fluid change is needed. The only time would be if there were fluid loss coming from the transmission(this is how the manual reads).


Can I assume there is no problem when the pedal is up?

It may be the throwout bearing seizing on cold grease and dragging the pressure plate. fingers.

Worn bearing doesn’t mean destroyed bearings. I had problem like that on my Honda Accord, I drove it for 3 years (over 100.000 kms) before Chinese dude creamed my car in the ass with an SUV. As of for a fluid change, I had to drain conventional lubricant out of car, when it was there for 5 years. LUBRICANT WAS THERMALY BROKEN DOWN, was not an oil anymore, more like water.