Chevy cavalier 2004 "clutch peddle"

So i went to put my car in gear and the clutch is loose. car turns on just fine. there is clutch fluid. iv never had this problem till this cold weather poped up.
what do i do? wait till the car warms up? i can put it in gear when the car is off so idk why it does that.

Please help

Sounds like a failure in the clutch hydraulics; as in the clutch master and slave cylinders.

It could be one or the other but it’s recommended that both be replaced when one of them fails.
Failure to do so often means the one left unattended will fail shortly anyway.

The rubber seals in those units are 16 years old and likely the fluid is also bad at 16 years of age with the assumption the fluid has never been serviced.

Crystler has 3 threads for the same problem.
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As regards the problem itself, I agree with OK4450. I would add that cold weather exacerbates the problems of old shrunken seals, which are, after all, rubber.

I agree that we shouldn’t combine threads from different OPs, but in this case I did remove one of Crystler05’s threads because it was identical to this one and didn’t have a response. When one person has multiple threads it can be confusing for everyone.

Instead of just pressing in, try pumping on the clutch pedal. Does 2 or 3 pumps first make it work better? If so, you could possibly get by for a short time by doing that, until you get the hydraulics fixed. My 20+ year old Corolla has had this problem twice over the course of its lifetime, and replacing the clutch master cylinder fixed it straight-away both times. For most car’s that’s a simple and relatively inexpensive repair.

If you are hoping the problem will go away, unlikely. It will almost certainly get worse. To the point where you won’t be able to shift at all. And you know that’s going to happen when you are 75 miles from home on a cold snowy winter night. So best to get this addressed with due speed.

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It is only a clutch “peddle” if you are selling a clutch.

Yeah, but we ain’t a spellin forim… :smile: