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Squeaky Ford

My 04 Focus squeaks like an old mattress when negotiating uneven ground while turning. Quiet on speed bumps, rain also quiets it, then it comes back after a few hours. (Brief) search on internet indicates no lube necessary, not making sound that would indicate boot problem. I give up!

If it squeaks going over uneven ground but not when bouncing evenly would make me think you have a bad sway bar end link.

If the squeak occurs only when turning while going over bumps it could indicate a dry lower ball joint.

If it were a sway bar end link, the squeak would occur whether turning or going straight while going over bumps.


Ford suspension bushings squeak when they get old. At 10 yrs old, that may be old enough.

Sounds to me like sway bar bushings

Replace them, or if you’re feeling cheap, lube them with silicone grease