Squeaky Fan Motor

The electric radiator fan motor in my 1992 Buick is begining to squeak. It’s most noticeable during its gradual stop after shutting off the engine. Will WD40 or some other lubricant applied to its shaft remedy the problem? Or, will it be just a temporary fix before its inevitable failure?

It will not work. The fan has sealed bearings, so the WD-40 will not penetrate into the bearing. I’d start shopping for a deal. Some places, like rockauto.com, have pretty low prices, but can take up to a week or more to deliver.

Heck, spray away. It just might get past that bearing seal that has probably failed anyway.

Once these start squeaking the only fix is to replace them.



Change the fan. If it seizes and allows the engine to overheat the cost to repair the damage will skyrocket. No good can come from not replacing it.