Squeaky brakes

My brakes squeak from time to time, particularly backing up, but also braking forward. My mechanic said I have plenty of brake pad and nothing is being damaged. He said he has often seen the “squeaky brakes” problem in Mercedes and it is often difficult to pinpoint which wheel (or wheels) would be the cause of the sqeaking (sound like metal on metal). Any idea about why this is happening?

It can be difficult to pinpoint which wheel is the culprit. It can be less difficult IMHO to simply put a dab of anti-squeal grease behind each pad.

@FastEddy since you have 4 power windows, it’s fairly simple

When it squeaking to the point where it does it with every brake application, find a large empty parking lot, or a long deserted street.

Roll down your windows one at a time to pinpoint the corner that is making noise.


The brakes are squeaking
You drive and roll down the RR window. It’s louder with the RR window down versus the other windows down.

To be more precise: Only have 1 window down at a time.

This method saves a lot of time.

Once you do that, you know which corner to look at. I highly recommend the copper brake paste.

One more thing: As a former Benz tech, I can tell you that the most satisfied Benz customers are those that kept using factory (or at least OEM) brake components. More expensive, but less complaints.