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Rear passenger side wheel squeals

When I start the car and begin driving it starts to squeal very loud. If I let up on the gas it stops and eventually stops all together in less than a minute of driving. I recently got new tires and brakes.

Probably something out of place in the new brakes. You may need the car overnight at the shop that did the brakes so they can experience it.

Thank you. I’ll have to get it checked

Are you certain the squeal is coming from the wheels? It’s a pretty common to have a squeal occur at the first start in the morning, which quickly goes away. That’s often just an improperly adjusted or worn out accessory drive belt. Nothing to do with the wheels in other words. So before making an assumption it is associated w/the wheels, make sure the sound only occurs when the car is in motion.

I see. Thank you. It actually only occurs when I’m accelerating below 20mph. If I let go of the gas while it’s squealing it immediately stops. It doesn’t happen when the car is not moving.

Try pressing on the brake pedal slightly when this happens; i.e. when you are accelerating below 20 mph. Does that cause the sound to go way, or get worse?