99 mercury cougar squeaking brakes

I own a '99 Mercury Cougar with about 145.000 miles on it. Everything is kept up in good condition by myself and my dad. However, I recently have been having issues with my brakes squeaking. I have replaced both the rotars and brake pads on the front and the back of the car. They only squeak when I brake at lows speeds such as 30 and below. Have any ideas?

Did this happen with your previous set?

If not, you MAY have high spot on a rotor. I don’t believe this could be a common occurance.

It didn’t happen with my other set. I believe the squeaking is coming from the back drivers side also.

Did you install a new hardware kit with the new brake pads? And strategically apply anti-squeal grease to the slide pins, back of pads? Brakes squeal unless you install such things. If you didn’t look for a brake “hardware kit” - it will probably have new shims, spring clips, slide pins (if applicable). Lay a coating of anti squeal grease on the backs of the pads.

It is possible poor manufacturing is the problem. Quality control just ain’t what it used to be, It is possible if you can find the correct component for exchange you can fix the problem, but paying more for high quality parts is sometimes preferable.