Squeaky Brakes



On our 2005 Legacy GT wagon with 31k miles the brakes make a bit of subtle squeak/squeal when applied. This is only audible at low speeds of course.

Is this indicative of anything? The brakes are under warranty till 36k miles and before I get a response from dealer this is normal I thought I would confer with the experts.


While not normal, it’s also not serious. You may just have a bit of glaze on the rotors or pads, or the worn-pad warning indicator may be touching the rotor.

By the way, you may want to read your warranty carefully. The pads and rotors are normal wear items and may be excluded from the coverage.


Thanks for response.

Subaru is an odd duck that they cover wear items till 3yrs/36k for wear items including wipers, brakes, headlight bulbs etc.

I am trying to avoid having the dealer say its fine now only to pay for replacement of brakes just past this warranty.