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Brake squeal 2007 gmc sierra

we have an off and on loud squeal from our brakes since day one. Gmc says this is normal for this truck. After three years of calling, emails and snail mail, no answers, the local dealer finally said that gmc knows of the problem but since its not life threatening they wont do anything about it. Has anyone have this problem and what can be done? thanks

Gmc says this is normal for this truck. Yea sure.

Did GMC say that or did the dealer say they said that? Right now, I am thinking the dealer is just brushing you off.

Is it still under factory warranty? If so check your states lemon laws (see below) and if you are covered follow the rules and have it fixed under warranty.

Lemon Laws:

Brake squeals are annoying and embarrassing, but as your dealer is telling you, harmless. Brake dust builds up and makes that nasty squeal when you first use the brakes, especially backing up, and more especially backing up downhill. Try backing up your driveway when you park it at the end of the day.
All that said, the squeal should be going away shortly after you begin driving each day. If it does not go away each day after a few times braking in drive, then maybe something is wrong. If this is the case, get a second opinion. Then bring the thing back to the dealer and tell them what is wrong and insist they fix it.