Squeaks, Squeaks Everywhere

I have a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan that was seen today for several squeaks. The first comes from the steering column, can be felt in the pedals, and only happens as the wheel returns to center, never on the way out to a right or left turn. They have once lubricated the grommet where the steering column passes through the firewall, and this fixed the problem for about 4 days. They now wish to lubricate again with a “different grease.” Is this grommet the likely culprit or should I have someone else look at it? Initially, after I asked them to ride with me and listen to the noise they indicated that it was in the steering column and that the column might need to be replaced…

The second squeak comes from the rear of the car and only occurs when going over a bump. Again, when a technician rode with me he indicated this noise was either the rear shocks or spring bushings. Today when the inspected the van they told me it was the rear brakes and said I needed new pads and to have the rotors resurfaced. This seems odd since the brakes don’t squeak when braking, only when going over a bump.

HELP!!! Many thanks in advance.