Hey I have a 2000 Buick Park Ave, and recently since the cold weather is coming around I am starting to hear a slight squeeking from under my hood around the engine pullies. It doesnt make noise upon start ( no screeching or clicking) but after its started and starts to idle I am hearing a slight chirping, and I have notice that as the weather has gotten colder that chirping/ squeeking is starting to get a little louder. After The car warms up the chirping/ squeeking seems to go away but is this a problem I should Be worried about? Is this a major issue or a minor issue? Anybody with any info it is really appreciated. Thanks!

" . . . but is this a problem I should Be worried about? "

You seem concerned. That’s why you’re asking, right ?
Until you find out what’s causing it then it’s impossible to answer that.

When was the last time the serpentine belt was replaced ?

I think it’s fairly easy to remove the belt on this unit. 3800 engine, right ?
I’d try a new belt, probably the Dayco “W” series belts for “experienced” cars that have a little wear on the pulleys. It probably wouldn’t hurt to replace the idler/tensioner pulley, too.

You could try listening near different “accessories” powered by the belt (P/S pump, A/C compressor, Alternator, Idler/tensioner pulley) with a short length of hose, but BE CAREFUL. The running engine could grab that hose or loose clothing and pull it into the moving parts.

Let us know what happens, please.


As CSA sez, above, the noise is likely coming from the fan belt. This is a minor issue at present, but it suggests the belt is worn and must ultimately be replaced. A belt is a wear item; replacement is normal maintenance.

I guess ur right CSA…i guess i wouldnt be asking if I wasnt concerned! I have had the car a little over 2 yrs and never had the serpentine belt changed and as I look at it, it does have a few cracks running along the sides and it could be the problem because it the noise is coming from that area. I never knew of the belt making noise itself but other parts the belt is circulated on (i.e tensioner pully, water pump, alternator, etc.) making noise but couldnt distinguish or even know how to determine exactly where it was coming from. The hose trick will problly help and I will try that as soon as soon as I can. Thanks for the help!