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Squeaking on '98 Grand Marquis

Hey all so I just noticed that my Grand Marquis recently started to squeak rather loudly coming from the front end shocks… Think its coming more from the passenger side… Now we’ve never changed the shocks since we’ve had the car so I’m fairly certain it’s going to need some new shocks which runs about $350. But could this also be because the lube has dried out on the suspension ?. Doesn’t affect the drive but it sure is annoying driving around with the squeaking

The squeak might be coming from a dry ball joint.

If the ball joints have never been replaced, there’s no provision to grease the ball joints as the factory ball joints have no grease fittings.

You might take the vehicle to a shop and ask them to grease the ball joints with a needle greaser.

If the squeak goes away you’ll know it’s from a ball joint


After looking online this seems to be common on these cars… I guess my next question is… How hard would it be to do this myself ? @Tester

Wally World sells a needle greaser.

All you need is a grease gun and a cartridge of grease.

Then remove the front tires to gain access to the upper and lower ball joints.


Thanks very much for the advice mate :smiley: @Tester