Sqeaking 94 Gran Marquis


Front end sqeaks so loud people stare and point.

Do you think this is a big problem or a simple fix?


Depends on what the problem is. When does it make the noise? For how long? In relation to speed, to engine revs? When just starting? How long has it made the noise? Does it come and go? Have you had any recent work done on the car? Does it drive or steer differently? Is there increased tire wear?

As you can see, a lot more information needs to be given.


There squeaks and squeals! Squeals usually come from drive belts that are worn or loose. They are easy to check. Another source of squeals is your alternator is on its last legs, or the power steering pump is low on fluid an destoying itself. A further squeal might come from the A/C compressor; this is easy to check; just trun the A/C off and see if it disappera.

Squeaks in a car usually come from the suspension coumponents. Fords have always had prioblems with the upper rubber cushion over the coil springs on the front. It could also be your shocks, among things.

So, you see there are many sources, and if you tell us more we might be able to point you in the right direction.


Constant sound, varies with engine speed, only going over bumps, only while going over bumps when the wheels are turned to the stop, does it stop when the brakes are pressed?