Squeaky suspension

99 Kia Sephia. Hearing a squeaking sound when driving, so decided to press down on each corner when car was parked. When pressing down on front passenger corner, I hear the squeak. Is it likely a strut, spring…or something else?

It could be the strut,but try this crazy idea that worked for me many years ago. Spray the springs with WD40. You don’t have to soak them, and see if that will take care of it for a while. Some springs will get noisy with time.

Another possibility is the squeak is coming from the anti-roll bar (sway bar), and not the springs. You can spray the same lubricant on the bushings for the anti-roll bar. It’s a solid metal bar, bent to fit, that goes from one side of the car to the other, and attaches to the suspension on both sides.

It could be suspension bushings or a dry ball joint.

Spray all the suspension bushings with an aerosol silicone lubricant to hear if the squeak goes away. If this doesn’t get rid of the squeak, it might be a dry ball joint. For this you’ll need a grease gun and a needle greaser. Because there is no provision from the factory to grease the ball joints on your vehicle, a needle greaser is slipped past the protective rubber boot of the ball joint to inject grease. If this doesn’t get rid of the noise, then start suspecting the strut.


I’ll get to work on it. Thank you all for the info.

Coil springs don’t get squeaky as the age. But there could be squeaking at the point where the spring meets the strut- the spring isolators wear through.

My hubby did suspension work on our Dodge Durango and annoying squeaky noise came after job was done…turned out coil springs were not seated correctly…there are two drain holes in the spring seat in the lower control arm… only after the coil was repositioned for the lower end to cover the first hole and cover about half of the second hole, was the noise gone…we’re so happy now…