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Sqealing when turning fully either way

I hear a coarse high pitched sqealing or sqeaking sound when turning my steering all the way to either side, as when pulling into my parking garage. It sounds almost like metal on metal. A mechanic says it is probably the input shaft, which connects the stearin wheel to the car, but I wanted to make sure, since it sounds like it is coming from something closer to the wheels.

Check the belts and tensions with a different mechanic, and if it makes that noise don’t push it!

You are trying to force your wheels to turn farther than the bump stops which they can’ do and this is putting tremendous pressure on your power steering system which is causing the belts to squeal. Stop doing that.

Thanks, I’ll run those ideas by my mechanic before buying a new input shaft.

For sure lighten up on that wheel. It indicates a problem with the driver, not the power steering.

Stop It !

My car’s Owner’s Manual warns of turning the wheels all the way to the stops and holding it there. Learn to turn the wheels short of all the way or you’ll do damage.

What does your car’s manual have to say on this topic ?