Tacoma squeeling noise when steering

my 03 tacoma,when turning the stering wheel hard all the way to the rt. or lt. it makes a sound like its rubbing against something,but it is not because i can replicate it when the truck is not moving, and have checked the clearance and there is plenty of room what is this seemingly rubbing klic clak noise

Its likely to be either your belt slipping (how old is it? the tensioner?) or your pump complaining about you ramming the steering against the stops. Have you at least checked the fluid?

thank you for your reply,but it is not a belt all belts are new,and the squeeling sound only happens when making a tight turn, may it be moving or at a stand still.what kind of pump are you refering to rack and pinion,power steering etc.

the power steering pump

The belt is new - what about the tensioner? The fact that you get it only at hard turn does not rule out anything about the belt system. The pressure is very high when turned all the way and everything gets stressed out.

There is no reason to hold the steering wheel harg against the bump stops,the car won’t turn any sharper and it puts so much pressure on the system that most cars will squeal when you do that. You are abusing your car.

oldtimer 11 …what can i say to that. thank you for your concern for my car