Sienna 2008 squealing sound

My Sienna LE FWD with 55K miles makes has started making sqealing/screeching noise while making left turn. More so when making U turns. Never on right turns. Any clue on what could be going on?

That noise can occur when the brake pads wear to a point where the wear indicators on the pads come in contact with the rotors while making a turn.

Have the brakes inspected.


Brake pads are very new. Front and Back. I should have mentioned before.
The noise occurs only I make left turns.


Check the serpentine belt and belt tensioner.

does it make the sound if you are standing still and turn the steering wheel?
is the tire worn more on the left front side than the right?

No it does not make sound if I am standing still and turn the steering wheel. All four tires have less than 2K miles on them.

Have you checked the inflation pressure in those tires in the past couple of months?

Yes. I have Tire pressure has been OK.

Jack your car up, take off the wheels and check your outer cv joints. Double check your power steering make sure there is not a leak, and then if none of that is to no avail describe the “squealing” sound more, or upload a video to YouTube then link it here.

Have not been able to take off the wheels yet. But here is the audio of this noise recorded while driving at ~5 mph in a parking lot. It sounds like metal grinding against metal. Starts at 3 sec in audio file. It appears to be originating from front right (passenger) side, close to the wheel.

That definitely sounds lie a dragging brake pad or wear indicator.

Thanks. Brake pads are quite new. Does this mean they were not installed correctly? Could it be wheel bearing?

Wheel bearings generally make a rumbling sound.

Perhaps an anti-rattle clip was left out when the brake pads were installed or the contact points weren’t properly cleaned and lubricated.

Got it. Will this issues manifest only when the wheel is turned?

It is possible.

OK. Will need to go back to shop that installed the brakes pad. Not sure if its easy to find/buy just the clips.

I took off the wheel. Found Rack and Pinion Boot was damaged and leaking. Hardly visible from top. Will I need to replace the entire joint or just the boot?
Image attached. Is it fair to the assume this causing the noise or I have two issues to deal with.

Image is not showing. Us The upload button (center of the bar) to upload the picture

My thought, the boot does not leak unless there is a power steering fluid leak.

Rack and pinion boot/seal failure on the right side is common on 2007-2009 Toyota vehicles.
The torn boot will not make a noise however the cost of repair will be much greater than the brake squeak.

Steering rack leak - Toyota Highlander and Sienna, Lexus RX330 and RX350 (