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BMW Squeal


Hi Guys,

I’m brand new to the forum but have been browsing around here for a while and can’t seem to find an answer!

I recently purchased a 2011 328i Coupe and around 3 weeks ago I started hearing a squeal coming from the front of the car. The weird thing is that the squeal only happens AFTER the car comes to a stop and only lasts around 2-5 seconds, but this is now happening at almost every red light/stop sign and driving me insane. The squeal does not happen during braking or at any other point during the drive.

I took it in for a brake inspection and my pads etc are all fine. My front rotors are warped which I already knew about but the mechanic told me that this wouldn’t cause the weird sound.

Here is a clip of the noise:

If anybody has ever experienced this or has any clue as to what is causing this please let me know!

Thank you guys,


Clip didn’t last long but it sounded like a belt or accessory bearing.

That is a weak noise. It might happen while you are driving but road, engine and radio noise may mask it. Check to see how much play there is in your drive belt without the engine running. Push down on the belt where there is a long run between pulleys. If there is more than an inch deflection, you may need a new belt. That’s a cheap fix.

Sounds like either something pressurized releasing pressure or something mechanical settling.
Are there any signs of a leaky strut?
Have you had any recent malfunction codes? Any recent repairs?
Is this perhaps a manual tranny?