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Sputtering and Stalling

I have a 4 cylinder '98 Toyota Camry with 82k miles on it. I got the car second hand from a family friend 7 months ago. About 3 months ago, my engine would sputter and then shut off when I’d start slowing down below 30mph and stopping at lights after I’d been on the interstate. Issue occurs only when I’ve accelerated quickly during that drive (ie accelerating hard to go up a hill to merge or to pass a slow car). When I need to stop, if I’m fast enough to get the gear in neutral, hold down the break and rev the engine at the same time, then it most likely won’t shut off. It’s like trying to do CPR on my car… The spark pugs have been replaced, oil changed, and fluid levels checked but the problem still happens. Any guidance on what could be the problem??

Had same symptoms with a Toyota Sequoia. Very different engine from yours but the fix for me was a new clean air filter and the carbon cleaned out of the air intake system.

If your motor has plug wires and a distributor cap these should be checked and with the age of the car replaced.

I would also clean the idle air control (IAC) valve. A sluggish one will do this.