Possible Carburetor Problem

I have a 1995 Toyota Camry that has 214,000 miles on it. In the past month the car when accelerating seems to sputter and act like its going to stall but it never does. The problem only happened when I was accelerating at low speeds or stopped at lights but recently the problem has been happening at higher speeds especially when going up hill. Does anyone know what the problem could be?

You have a car with fuel injection, so it isn’t a carb problem. What has been the history of tune ups and regular maintenance? 1st thing is to be sure new (or newer spark plugs), plug wires, air filters, etc. are all in good shape.

Before messing with complicated stuff, make sure the motor is up to date on routine service.

First, you don’t have a carburetor. The car is fuel injected.

Second, issues like this often just come from overdue maintenance - old spark plugs & wires; overly dirty air or fuel filters. I’d say to start there but the amount of information you gave about the basic condition of such items is precisely zero.

If you get those up to date the next thing to do would be to check the fuel pressure.

Does your car have a 4 cylinder engine or a V-6?

My gf’s daughter has a '92 Camry with a V-6, and 1 dead fuel injector.
Similar symptoms as you are describing. Bring it to a mechanic, and ask them to listen to the injectors, and see if one is not working.

That would be why it seems like its a carb issue, even though its not a carb equipped car.


If it were me, besides making sure the plugs, wires, and air filter are good, I’d run the maximum dose of Techron through it (add the correct amount to the gas tank, then fill it up with a name-brand gas such as Chevron), just to see if it made a difference.