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1988 Toyota camry

my 88 camry will start and idle fine however whenever you attempt to accelerate the vechicle the car trys to stall and hesitate badly and will not move. i have changed the fuel filter the spark plugs and plug wires i cannot figure it out any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. also this started out of nowere the car was driving i had been driving for about ten miles stopped at a red light and that is when the car started doing this. agian thanks

Will the engine rev in neutral?

You might check the rubber air duct from the filter to the throttle body for splits and the rear motor mount for wear. First run your hand from end to end on the air duct pressing in, especially at the pleats and at the end where the hose clamp pinches it onto the throttle. If you find a split duct tape might keep you going for a while as you find time to get it repaired.

Hey, I have an 86 and just went through the exact same thing. These guys helped me narrow it down from drying out distr.cap etc. to checking/changing oil filter, plugs and wires and finally, now, bottem line= needed a fuel pump. symptoms the same.

i changed the fuel fliter and the splugs wires and cap today now the car will not start at all and yes the wires are in the right order (lol) when you crank it now it will spit for a second or two then it will smoke from the air box were the filter is? makes no sense i may try tyhe fuel pump next. but i dont want to sink a lot of money into to find out the rings are bad or something

I had a 88 camry years ago and had the same problems. It was finally determined that the distributer was bad. Replaced with a salvaged distributer and never had a problem again. I think they (garage) told me that the bearings in the distributer go bad,

Has anyone checked fuel pressure?
Has anyone checked the TPS signal? You may have a bad spot.
Is the engine mechanically sound? Have you checked compression?

im looking at the icm now thinking it might be that some of teh websites i looked at said the icm may be bad cause it was hesitating and now it doesnt start at all

That would be a very drastic step, although you could probably buy a junkyard PCM (you called it an icm, but I think you meant the power train control module, meaning the engine control module) for a reasonable price at one of those pick your own parts places.
Make absolutely sure all of your connections and connectors at the PCM are good. Make sur everything’s solidly connected and you don’t have any corroded connections.
I would still check out some of the things we mentioned before jumping on the PCM.
And check the ignition timing with a timing light, as well.

I still like the fuel pump answer!

At the risk of sounding stupid I must make this comment. Have you checked for water in the fuel system? I have found that using fuel system dryer Spring and Fall has solved a number of serious performance issues over many years. I know I’m speaking to the choir, but when the temperature falls through the dewpoint in the Spring and Fall the air within the top of your gasoline tank will condense moisture which will accumulate at the bottom of the tank until it reaches the outlet, where will be drawn into the fuel lines and plague you with problems until it is removed.