Convertible latch wont close

2013 ZL1 convertible - when i try to close the top on the convertible the latch that locks it in will not close all the way. Picture attached, any idlatch eas ? Thanks !

How well does the clasp mechanism work when it is not engaged with the windshield? It may be hanging up and need lubrication or other work to get it to function right. Look at the latch during the latch process and see if anything looks unusual. Maybe you can see where it is hanging up. Have a friend work the latch while you look at the mechanism. I had a convertible with an adjustable mechanism. The fingers that clamped tnto the eyelet were threaded, and you could adjust them in or out to clamp the roof firmly.

The top is not fully seated. Have someone push down on the top while you flip the latch. Might need some adjustment i this keeps up.

The top does close and the clasp seems to work fine when not engaged. Thanks !

Then it’s out of adjustment or there’s something keeping the top from fully settling into its proper place.

The handle was hitting this piece so I popped it out and the handle closed with no problem. I put it back in and it works fine, the piece must of moved somehow. I did not do that at first because it did not look out of place, thanks for all of your help ! convertible%201