Spring noise when I come to a complete stop

I have a Toyota Yaris 2004 it had mot and full service September this year, for a while it has been making what I can describe as a springing noise that sounds Infrequently when I’ve almost come to a full stop. I had the breaks checked when it was serviced and I got a 2nd opinion from another garage when they checked the breaks also and apart from a little clean of the breaks they said there was nothing else they could see or hear themselves. Could anybody give me any advice?

It could be a suspension component, It will eventually get bad enough for an easy analysis.

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Thank you for your reply, roughly how much is something like that?

The noise you hear is probably due to rust migrating between the sway bar bushings and the sway bar itself. Happened last year on my 99 Corolla that I sold this year. You need to remove the two U-shaped clamp holding the bar to the frame and remove the 2 bushings. Remove excess rust along the bar with sandpaper then spray a light coat of rustproofing black paint on the bar. It would be a good idea at this point to inspect the 2 polymer bushing that you took out for cracks and wear.Reinstall everything then test drive the vehicule.Hopefully it will be quiet.