Creaking right after a stop and when the weight of the car shifts back from stopping

My 2003 Hyundai Elantra makes this creaking noise when I come to a stop. It seems to make it when the weight is shifting back from a stop. It’s not a brake noise. I’ve checked my brakes and they’re fine. It’s not even close to a brake noise. I was thinking it was the shocks or springs since it only does it after I’ve stopped. It makes this noise also while I am stopped and if I shake the car a little. Not too sure what this noise could be. I’m also hearing a new noise in the front. It a loud squeaking type noise that only happens it seems when I am stopping going down a hill or on hard turns. It gets very loud and I kind of feel a grinding in the pedal when it happens. I hope I’m explaining this right. Can someone help me with either of these noises? Thanks!

Struts or strut mounts are a possibility, but often it’s a simple worn bushing. In my experience the most prone are the ones that hold the sway bars to the unibody (or subframe). The sway bar is constantly twisting back and forth in the rubber bushing’s thru-hole, and that wears the bushings out. And when the weight transfers after you stop, the bars do twist in the bushings a bit.

If you get the car safely up on racks and slide under with a good work light, you can probably verify this yourself. If you’re uncertain, you can try spraying silicone lubricant on the bushings. If the sound disappears, it’s the bushings.

The noise from the rear might be caused from a dry stabilizer bar bushing.

Take a can of silicone spray and soak every rubber component you can find in the rear suspension and see if the noise goes away.

The grinding from the front might be the brake pad wear indicators coming in contact with the rotors. But to check for this, the brake pads have to be removed to see if the indicators are coming in contact with the rotors.


I haven’t checked the bushings yet, but I have replaced the sway bar links. Thanks, I’ll look at the bushings and rubber components next. Also, I have checked my brakes and the pads are like new. Very thick still. Also the rotors are smooth. It’s not a brake noise. I’m just stumped. Never heard either of these noises before. Having a hard time tryin to fix them. I’ll also have to spray the rubber components in the rear too.


Sway bar links tend to make a knocking or rumbling noise, depending on the exact design

Sway bar bushings tend to make a creaking noise

Tom & Ray recommended Wurth HHS-2000 / HHS-K Penetrating High Temperature Lubricant for lubing chassis bushings. I found it on Amazon.

Did you ever figure out the cause? My truck started doing the same thing…