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Spring Conversion

I have a 2004 Jag XJ8 with air suspension, that has now developed leaking air shocks. A friend with a Land Rover had the spring & shock conversion done from a place called British Parts that sells the complete conversion kit. He is extremely happy with the results and the fact that there will never be an air suspension problem again. They now offer it for the Jaguar now as well. Has anyone had any experience with it?

I’ve had no experience with the Jaguar or Land Rover conversions but have converted a few cars in the past and even currently own a car with a coil conversion .(Lincoln)

Just my opinion here but I don’t consider the ride to be quite as good as the air ride.
The coil conversion will ride fine, don’t get me wrong, but I consider it to be a bit inferior to the air bags.

If you do the coil conversion I don’t think you will be disappointed though. You might also check with american air suspension as to parts sources and tech advice. They’re a very good operation.