Spray-in or drop-in bed liner?


Debating whether to get a spray-in or drop-in bed liner for new 2007 Tundra?

Comments? Personal experience? Warnings? Fire away!


Spray in. Drop ins allow moisture to get trapped underneath, can chaf away at the paint, and just plain don’t look nearly as good.


definitely spray in.


With the spray in, you will have full access to your tie downs. This is good if you are going to use the truck. If you are only going to drive it with no load, then you don’t need either one. Save the money and refuse to care about minor scratches. You can sand and brush paint the bed in seven years time. It won’t look bad.


Added benefit to using the spray in stuff…it is being studied by the military because it’s been shown to be very good at a minimizing explosive devices. It’s been shown that a steel coated with this stuff substained far less damage then steel alone with the same explosive charge…And hopefully you’ll never have to find out how good it can be.


Spay in.

The drop in ones are too slippery and stuff slides all over the place.


I had a drop in/over the rail bedliner in my Dakota for 8 years before I traded it. I didn’t have any rust but it wore away the paint on the bed and on the top of the box rails. If I got another truck, I would go with a spray or brush in liner or at least a rubber mat for the bed. I would get caps for the bed rail and the top of the gate. As another poster noted, the bedliner is very slippery. I used a piece of carpet in the bed to keep things from slipping around.

Ed B.


Hands down spray on. Don’t do it yourself, the kits film is too thin. To get the build up of a professional, you will spend more money buying the kits.

I used a drop in, it rubbed the paint off the bed. It didn’t rust though until I pulled it out for a few days. The bed line I bought was supposed to have an anti slip coating. but it didn’t help.


Now that I have seen some of the other posts, it might be handy to have a slippery bed if you have to slide things in. Most people are strong enough to deal with loading heavy things, but I have to slide heavy cardboard boxed items in sometimes and take it easy on the way home.